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Fri, Dec 8 2017

Fontik posts a video claiming to be quitting youtube, because she found out she was straight and not bi and told Birdie. Fontik says that Birdie is now suicidal because Fontik doesn't love her.

(Video, Credit: Fontik)

Sun, Dec 10 2017

Birdie posts the first part to torturing birdie: the end..? to Wendy's channel.

The video begins with Fontik leaving Polly's side, followed by Churro pleading for Polly to be with her instead and to forget about Fontik right after. Churro threatens to kill Polly after she denies. Wendy then interrupts and ceases the fighting. There's some dialogue that reveals Polly and possibly Birdie herself's hope that Fontik is just lying to herself and not knowing it and that she will come back. This scene also reveals a mature and accepting side of Wendy, after she says "This really is the end," and "Not everyone is perfect."

When Wendy begins to prepare to kill everyone, Polly smiles, but Wendy is interrupted by a strange Fontik amalgamation.